My alarm goes off. It’s 4:45am. I have a choice and a short amount of time in which to make it before habit or my thoughts take over. My heart may say “meditate”, but is my mind in agreement this morning? There is approximately 1 in 3 chances that my body makes… View Post

You know those weekend trips where you’ve been gone for less than 2 days but it feels like you were on vacation for a week? No? Don’t despair- I don’t feel like they are that common. At least, I don’t remember the last time a weekend felt that way until my… View Post

With only 48 hours in a weekend, and probably 16 or so of those dedicated to sleep, there isn’t much time left for travel or adventuring. One of the major perks of living in the Pacific Northwest is it’s accessibility to nature. Without spending all day in a car, driving a… View Post

When the flu kept my friend from hitting the trail with me this weekend, I decided to hike it anyways by myself. I thought of it as a one-on-one date with nature, something I haven’t done in a long time. I arrived at Annette Lake trailhead early, laced up my… View Post

You know those wooden “Life is better on a boat“ signs? I’m not sure who spoke this phrase first, but growing up I probably would have given credit to my Dad. His childhood was spent visiting various lakes in California, spending ample time in the water and learning the ins and outs of owning… View Post