Necessary Ingredients for a Weekend “Happy Hour”

IMG_1703“Happy Hour” is generally understood as the anticipated time for cocktails once the work day is wrapped up. While I support and engage in the activity (everything in moderation of course), I would argue that “happy hour” doesn’t have to involve an alcoholic drink, or only last an hour. This past weekend, the persistent drizzle and grey in Seattle ceased and we were gifted with the a few treasured hours of sunshine. The clear skies didn’t translate to heat with temperatures still hovering in the 40’s, but it did translate to an incessant eagerness to soak up as much of the sun energy as possible. So what did our happy hour look like?



Happy Hour at Car Kreek Park with a Stanley Growler

Happy Hour at Car Kreek Park with a Stanley Growler

Ingredients for Happy Hour

Sunshine, salt water, sisterhood & a Stanley Growler filled with hot kava tea. Yes, traditionally a Growler should be filled up with beer (and Stanley’s 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler keeps it cold for 24 hours!) but it also keeps liquids warm. We poured our tea into rock glasses, which are actually a part of the Stanley Adventure Happy Hour System ( I do intend to use this for an actual mixed drink at some point) but they worked just as well for tea mugs.

Weekends in Seattle- Car Kreek Park

My friends at Stanley sent me some other essentials to test out including an 8oz flask and a vacuum pint which I’m sure will come in handy for some winter camping trips.

Happy Hour at Car Kreek Park with a Stanley products

Weekends in Seattle- Car Kreek Park

If you want to get your hands on your own Stanley swag (or as a gift for that outdoorsy adventurer on your Christmas list), take a peak at their rad products here. 

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