How to Use Sunscreen for Oily Skin 

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Oily skin is an outcome of extreme production of sebum that is an oily secretion. Your looks can be ruined because of it. It is essential to follow a great skin care regular to have a smooth, perfect, and radiant skin.

Looking after oily skin correctly is a difficult procedure that needs a balance in between getting rid of sufficient of the extreme oil to eliminate the issue without making a new one by removing excessive and triggering dry skin.

Obviously, every effort needs to always be required to avoid sunburn in the first place. Everybody is at threat for skin cancer, specifically people with light skin color, light hair or eye color, and a history of life time sunburn, according to the American Cancer Society. When sunburn can’t be prevented, treat it rapidly with a natural sunburn remedy, devoid of nasty chemicals and without any negative effects.

Here are some suggestions how to treat your oily skin and bring back fresh-faced balance, clean, and glossy to your skin apart from using korean sunscreen for oily skin.

Cleaning with Warm, not Warm Water

It is important to remove the extreme oils however not to remove them all. The soap that used with warm water will work much easier to remove the oil and dirt from your face and speed up the entire procedure and may direct to dry skin and flaking. Scrub your face carefully needs to suffice to get rid of your oily skin issue without triggering a dry skin issue while doing so. Prevent scrubbing it too hard, as this can aggravate the skin.

Use Mild Soap

One cleaning each day with a moderate soap must be sufficient to eliminate the extreme oils while leaving enough behind to keep wetness and secure skin. Avoid any soap which contain alcohol or severe soaps to remove away oil. Your glands will intuitively renew lost oil and will increase their oil production. This might develop more health issue than existed with the oily skin. 

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Pick non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic items rather, that are less most likely to obstruct your pores. You also can use an oil-free sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 when exposed to the sun. Keep away from velvety moisturizers and sun blocks. Make certain they are oil free.

Oil-Free Makeup and Facial Item

Pick powder-based items, or items especially meant for oily skin, such as including acne medication. These will work to remove the extreme oil and treat your pores at the same time. Before using makeup, use an antibacterial day cream with active components that minimize sebaceous secretions. In addition, if you wish to sleep while there is still makeup on your skin, do not forget to remove it. 

Prevent Tension

There is definitely a connection in between oily skin and tension. Androgens produce a lot more oil when you are stressed out, hectic, or nervous which unavoidably results in oily skin. Always take the time to relax.

Natural Remedy

A combination of cucumber juice with lime juice is an outstanding remedy that needs to be used on your skin half an hour before having a bath. You also may include a couple of drops of eau de perfume to the combination. This combination avoids development of acne and eliminates excess oil from the skin.

Picking the ideal sunscreen can be a difficult job, many women are stressed that sunscreen will be too oily for their skin for daily use. Some women even believe that because they reside in a cold environment that they just need to use sunscreen throughout the summertime that however would be an error. Hazardous UVA rays permeate the cloud cover all year long and we need to safeguard our skin from them.

Sun blocks have even gone commercial with companies including things like green tea extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin C, vitamin E along with anti-oxidants. Ingredients like anti-oxidants are necessary because they enhance sunscreen and make it more reliable. For women with oily skin there are a number of non-comedogenic items available in both drug store and outlet store brands, these items will not obstruct your pores. There are also a number of delicate skin solutions which contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that assist skin that is vulnerable to soreness.


Whatever sunscreen you choose to use make sure you’re utilizing it as part of your daily regular and keep in mind to use it all year round for protection against not just wrinkles however skin cancer. Acquiring all those pricey moisturizers, serums and night creams it ends up will not be extremely efficient at all unless you make a commitment to use sunscreen!

How much does Tattoo Removal cost?

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Normally, many people love to put tattoos in their different part of the body for style or passion. In certain time sure you would really feel or get bored and willing to change or hide your tattoo. During that time, you would be searching for the best tattoo removal treatment. In that time sure the tattoo removal best treatment can support you. Through utilizing the different tools you can completely remove or make them to diminish so that you can put some other new tattoo in that place.

How does the laser magical treatment works out?

Removal Tattoo laser

For removing the tattoo you don’t want to worry too much because you can find out the latest rocking laser techniques and methods are available. With its support you can remove the tattoo easily without hurting your body. You might think its cost would be high but it is not as like that, “The laser removal treatment is considered as the advanced treatment techniques that are mainly designed for eliminating the tattoos that too without leaving any scars or unpigmented areas in your skin behind”.

During this treatment the high energy is released and that light would breaks up the tiny inks into tiny particles that would be gradually absorbed by your skin. Even this treatment would cause some discomfort though a local anesthetic that is caused for eliminating the pain. Read more to know more about it. The cost of the treatment would range from $200 to $500 per treatment. In case when you undergo different session then the cost would be little higher which may be approximately $1000 to $10000.

How long does the tattoos removal laser session would continue?

The number of the sessions that is required for removal treatments would be primarily determined based on the color of tattoo and the most tattoos would comprise the different families. Some kinds of the tattoos required 15 to 20 treatments. While the Turquoise tattoos are really difficult to eliminate.

What are the other alternative treatments that can be used?

Not only this in additional to that there are also the other kinds of the treatments can be used for removing the tattoo from the body and they are listed below

  • The impressive intense pulsed light: In this treatment the pulse of light would be emitted onto the skin. It is considered as one of the most effective as well as less painful treatment that is used for removing the tattoo and its average cost would be $10 per pulse.
  • The rocking surgical excision: During this type of treatment the tattoo would be cut off and the skin is sewn back together. But this treatment would leave a scar behind.
  • Dermabrasion treatment: A little care is needed while doing it because it would leave a scar or pale area and the skin is sanded away.
  • Even you can try out with home based treatments: For such a kind of treatment the cream or lotions would be used for making a tattoo less visible. In this treatment one cannot able to completely eliminate the tattoo but you can allow fading it.

Things that you should check out or know before starting to remove your tattoo

“Prevention is better than cure”, so it is required for you to keep few things in your mind before planning for removing the tattoo and they are listed below

  • It is required for you to consider doctor they would suggest you some ideas.
  • Have a discussion section along with your friends who had removed the tattoo from their body completely.
  • Think about whether you would get any kinds of other side effects that would harm or create any rashes.

When you are clear with all sorts of works then you can try out and successfully remove the tattoo that is present in your body.

Some easy strategies that you can follow to remove the tattoo

If you don’t want to take any risk then you can start using some of the interesting balm that is available in the online for you. Sure that would be helpful for you to completely escape from the old tattoo and paves a way for you to update yourself with the new tattoo in your hand. When you want to find more then read more about it.

How to Find the Best Clean Tattoo Artist in Your Region?

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Many people wish to do the impressive design of tattoo anywhere in their body and they search for the best tattoo shops and tattoo artists on online, then they get more than expected options. They can conveniently narrow down these shops and artists when they read honest reviews of services from top tattoo studios specialized by qualified tattoo artists’ committed and customized services. They can visit Mamies Skin Care and get an overview about the easiest way to choose and book the professional tattoo service on time.

Best Clean Tattoo Artist

Explore the best options at first

Selecting the right tattoo studio on time is the first step to get the desired design of the tattoo at the competitive price. If you wish to get a tattoo, then you have to focus on a list of options to get such tattoo. You can get referrals from your friends and family members soon after you have decided to find pros and cons of tattoo studios in your region.  You have to focus on their work and make certain about how such work turned out at this time. This is worthwhile to give preference to the cleanliness of the environment while choosing the tattoo studio. You must watch and double-check that tattoo artists open a new needle from the package and use the brand-new ink.

Beginners to the tattoo related services these days get confused with different options. They can contact and discuss with well-experienced and dedicated tattoo artists to get an overview about benefits and drawbacks of every tattoo. They must feel comfortable and confidence with the tattoo artist before using the service. They can make contact with the licensed tattoo shop and consider every aspect of the tattoo service in detail. They have to be patient while getting the tattoo when they wish long-term happiness with their tattoo.

Contact experienced tattoo artists

Tattoo artists all through the world use the first-class resources and effective methods to enhance every aspect of their services to every customer. Everyone understands that tattoos are for life. They spend enough time and consider some significant things before choosing the tattoo artist. They can read online and the world of mouth reviews about services provided by top clean tattoo artists in their area. They can start with individuals they know and enhance their proficiency about different things related to the tattoo services.

Anyone with an idea to get an eye-catching design of the tattoo can focus on the work portfolio and images of the tattoo studios of good reputation. This is advisable to ask to look at some previous works done by the tattoo artists and follow the tattoo artists on the social media to keep up-to-date with the recent tattoo works done by them.  You can take note of the strong and solid lines in the tattoo with the smooth nature. If you ensure that previous works of clean tattoo artists are rich in the best and consistent color and shading with smooth nature on the whole, then you can make an informed decision and use the tattoo service.

Well experienced and dedicated tattoo artists these days demonstrate their works renowned for the proper color gradients. They have a specialization in how to blend colors and enhance the tattoo as per expectations of their customers.

Beginners to the tattoo services can visit Mamiesskincare and get the absolute guidance to contact the clean tattoo artist. They can consider the hygiene standard of the tattoo studio and artist they work in. This is because pr hygiene during the tattoo process leads to hepatitis A, blood poisoning and infections. Successful tattoo studios have qualified personnel who wear gloves while working and maintain the studio clean.

Aloha Friday : Aloha Summer

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It’s not my imagination. Since Labor Day weekend, the sun has hinted it’s beginning to find sleep earlier and sleep in later.  I get off my bus stop in downtown Seattle and am hit with a stinging chill of the early morning.  I feel instant goosebumps which I forgot even existed when time stood still in the glorious Northwest Summer. People are quickly making their way to coffee shops, work buildings…. the indoors.  There is no more lingering in the sunlight and layers are becoming an essential.  People talk about fall when all I can plead is “SUMMER, please don’t go.”  I don’t want to believe that the season has reached it’s peak and we are forced to  transition into hibernation.   Technically, autumn equinox is September 22nd, giving me roughly two weeks to accept the fact that fall is on it’s way.  But in the meantime, I will celebrate summer and dawdle as long as I can (and as long as Seattle lets me) taking in the last few days of season.

An ode to my first Northwest Summer – and the countless unforgettable memories created.

It’s not my imagination. Since Labor Day weekend, the sun has hinted it’s beginning to find sleep earlier and sleep in later.  I get off my bus stop in downtown Seattle and am hit with a stinging chill of the early morning.  I feel instant goosebumps which I forgot even existed when time stood still in the glorious Northwest Summer. People are quickly making their way to coffee shops, work buildings…. the indoors.  There is no more lingering in the sunlight and layers are becoming an essential.  People talk about fall when all I can plead is “SUMMER, please don’t go.”  I don’t want to believe that the season has reached it’s peak and we are forced to  transition into hibernation.   Technically, autumn equinox is September 22nd, giving me roughly two weeks to accept the fact that fall is on it’s way.  But in the meantime, I will celebrate summer and dawdle as long as I can (and as long as Seattle lets me) taking in the last few days of season.  An ode to my first Northwest Summer – and the countless unforgettable memories created.


Dirtbag Darling : Johnie Gall

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Climb, yoga, hike, kayak, surf, sail, run…….
What activity doesn’t Johnie (creator of “Dirtbag Darling“) do?  Tips about the outdoors and extreme sports are just one part to her multi-facited blog. She regularly writes about her epic adventures (and bases detailed travel guides off them), keeps it healthy with green juice recipes and yummy baked kale chips,  and shares other female’s stories and photos that inspire an active flourishing approach to life.
 I caught up with the outdoor enthusiast to talk about the intention of her site and how she manages to log so many adventures!
When did your love with the Great Outdoors begin?
It’s funny, when was really young (maybe age three?), I would sit inside and wave to my parents from the window…things have definitely changed! My mom and dad instilled the importance of getting outdoors every day from a really young age—I spent most of my childhood riding horses, playing in the surf, following my dad on his crazy adventures without any of the right gear.
How did the idea for “Dirtbag Darling” arise? 
I spent a year working in California, and every weekend I would take off to explore the state—Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Sequoia, King’s Canyon, Malibu—you name it, I went there. When I would get back to the office and swap some stories, all the other women I worked with would tell me how much they wished they could do the same. So I started hunting for blogs that would get them stoked to actually get outside and do the things that scared them (because, believe me, I still get scared to try new things sometimes). I just couldn’t find anything outdoor-focused that spanned a wide range of activities, felt lighthearted and fun, explained things simply, and touched on style a little. So I started Dirtbag Darling to accomplish some of that.
Favorite place you’ve traveled to?
That’s a toughie. Yosemite is really special to me—I’m sure it is to everyone who visits it—but I loved the North Cascades. It’s just so, so beautiful and because snow blocks the roads into the park for most of the year, it feels like nature is letting you in on something special if you can get there at all.
Spots on your travel list? 
I’m really pining for Alaska right now, but over the next two years I plan on making it to Costa Rica, Peru, the Maldives and Australia.
Favorite outdoor activities?
Another toughie! As lame as this might sound, I like the sports that teach me something because the skills involved in pulling them off— patience from surfing, persistence from rock climbing, humbleness from hiking. I also really love sailing, kayaking, skateboarding, riding horses, skiing, mountain biking, caving and scuba diving. I picked up windsurfing last year to honor my late grandpop (he was amazing at it). This year I want to give paragliding a try since my boyfriend just bought a set-up. Ok, I think I need more hours in a day!
What you do when your not adventuring/writing about adventuring! (aka, the day job ;))? 
Ah the day job—I wish I could say I’m a full-time adventurer, but my day job is still pretty rad. I’m a writer and editor for Teva and I also help a whole slew of brands tell their story in a more creative, authentic way by connecting them with influencers in the outdoor realm, helping them write their About Us page..things like that.
What does a typical day for you look like?
I like to start my day really early, before the sun’s up. I down a mug of hot water and lemon, practice yoga, then hit the trails for a run or mountain bike ride with my dog, Rowdy. I eat a big breakfast, write for a few hours, take any pictures I need for my blog or for work, edit pictures, more writing, more editing. Because I work for myself, I’m blessed to be able to cut my day short if I need to get outside—I’ll try to go kayaking, skateboarding, windsurfing, rock climbing or train at the rock gym if the weather is really bad. I cap off my day with something relaxing—I’m currently teaching myself calligraphy—then zonk out so I can do it all again.
What is your intention behind “Dirtbag Darling?”
To get women totally, completely stoked on getting outdoors. It can be so intimidating to get started with an outdoor sport if you didn’t grow up in that type of family or community, and a lot of outdoor blogs love to get all technical on us—I like to take a different approach. A friendly, happy, “come out and join us” approach.
5 things you can’t live without?
Surf, summits, good beer, good people, good stories.

An epic outdoor experience that replays in your mind?

This summer I joined nine other friends on a two-week trip out west. We took an old school bus that we renovated to be a mobile home and hit up Grand Teton, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Sequoia, Bryce, Kings, Crater Lake, North Cascades—until the bus took it’s last breath and we had to scrap her. On one of our overnight backpacking trips in the Tetons, we wrapped up a really tough, exhausting hike and came back to camp with hunger pains. We’d been warned there were a lot of grizzly bears in the area, so we were cooking our ramen with bear spray at the ready. Suddenly my boyfriend jumps to his feet saying really slowly, “Mother-f***er, a bear!” I look up to see a set of huge eyes staring at us from about ten yards away. We all sprang to our feet and started backing up slowly, bear spray out. My heart was beating out of my chest—but it turns out it was just a hungry deer. Deer definitely lost a little real estate in my “cute” book after that. Ok that’s not epic but it was the first thing that popped in my head.
Favorite way to relax?
I love kayaking lazily around a lake, or just laying out on my surfboard when the waves are small.
How do you manage your time!? (Because you seem really busy with great exciting things to do!)
It’s tough at times—because I work for myself, I don’t really ever get time “off.” I’ve had to miss some great adventures sitting in a coffee shop checking urgent emails. However, I do better working on my own time because my most efficient times are early in the morning and later at night—and when I’m working, I’m wo-r-r-rking, 100 percent. I write a lot of lists, set a lot of goals, then just go with the flow of the day. It seems to work out if I trust it will!
What supplies you with STOKE? 
Definitely travel and not knowing what’s next—I feel most alive when I’m making spur of the moment decisions and following my “goosebumps,” as a friend once explained it.
Goals for 2014?
Connecting with more people face to face rather than online.
Best advice for novice females looking to get into outdoor pursuits?
Invest in a few basics: a down jacket, a pair of hiking boots, a headlamp, a wetsuit, a good water bottle, maybe a tent and sleeping bag set-up. Don’t buy cheap gear—make wise choices on gear that will last you forever and make you feel prepared for adventure.
Any upcoming projects you’re excited about? 
I have a bunch but I can’t tell you what they are just yet!
Words you live by? 
Follow your goosebumps.
Thank you Johnie for your dedication to uplifting bold women and shining a powerful spotlight on Mother Nature’s precious gifts!
Follow Dirtbag Darling at  and @dirtbagdarling (Twitter)
*all photos compliments of Johnie & Dirtbag Darli

Editor of DISfunkshion : Hugette Montesinos

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I vaguely remember my first e-mail to Hugette, Editor in Cheif at DISfunkshion Magazine. I think it went something like, “I love your magazine. I connected with it instantly. You speak my language. Please let me write for you!!” I Crossed my fingers for a reply but honestly was pleasantly surprised when she wrote back to set up a meet and greet.  We sat down for coffee soon after and I gushed about how deeply I resonated with the magazine’s purpose and that is was exactly the kind of publication I wanted to contribute to.  Her response was overwhelmingly positive and  I became a contributing writer for both the online and print magazine soon after.  Not only did Hugette’s belief and encouragement allow me to gain international exposure (it’s still crazy to see my byline in print!) but it also connected me with so many independent strong females that continue to have a positive influence on me today.

Hugette Montesinos

[some of my favoritess include; ROAM Hawaii, Lady Slider , Paris Gerrard /\ Charcoal Alley , and Kat Reeder .]

And while I interviewed and wrote about all these extraordinary ladies and their stories to success, Hugette was the quiet dedicated backbone behind DISfunkshion- working a full time job while giving 110% to spreading the message of love and empowerment.  There wasn’t a detail about the magazine she wasn’t involved in and not a photo that didn’t have her artistic signature all over it.  I can only imagine the amount of e-mails she receives a day, the difficult decisions she has to make for the wellbeing of the magazine and the time and finances she had to devote to building her dream from scratch.


Hugette continues to be one of those women who positively influences me and the reasons are plentiful.  Her relentless pursuit to create something beautiful and beneficial for the females of our generation is moving.  She works from the heart, endlessly motivating and inspiriting everyone she comes into contact with.  And she does it all with a calm conviction, fantastic style and a huge smile.

It seems only fitting that Hugette be featured as a Modern Muse, not only because she IS one, but because through DISfunkshion, I realized my purpose to share fabulous female’s stories of prosperity, and for that I am forever grateful.  Hugette, thank you for your confidence and support and thank you for Disfunkshion!

When and where did the idea for DISfunkshion begin? With my passion for women, travel, social issues, fashion and art.  The idea actually sparked at a Borders bookstore one night as I was browsing through some inspirational magazines such as National Geographic and Oprah Mag.

What is the intention of the magazine? To encourage, exhort and empower women to be all they were created to be with no fear!

Did you have any fears before starting it? If so, how did you get over them? Definitely! The fear of failure was always a big thing! I got over it by trusting God who is my greatest source of strength. Knowing that He had a plan for my life gave me fearlessness. I wasn’t concerned with whether or not I would be successful, but rather with my life’s purpose. I realized that if my existence changed even ONE person’s life, it was worth it.
What was your vision for the magazine at the beginning and how has it changed over time? The vision has actually not changed at all.
The aesthetic has evolved into who I really am. Boho/gypsy/cowgirl! LOL!
What supplies you with STOKE? 🙂 Every time that I received a random email from someone I don’t know letting us know what an inspiration the magazine is to them. =)
What keeps you motivated when you feel overloaded with work and commitments? Feeling like some young woman out there needs the messages provided in our pages, so then my energy and motivation kickstarts all over again!
How do you balance it all? LOTS of organization and discipline! Being organized with my time allows me to do all the things I HAVE to do and WANT to do!
Have you always had an entrepreneurial spirit? Not at all! i’ve always had a leadership skill, but not so much business oriented. I have more of an artist’s mind. I had to slowly develop the business/entrepreneur side.
What are your guiding values? God, integrity, love, patience and compassion.
Did you study publishing/graphic design in school or are you self taught? Haha! Completely self taught! That’s so crazy to me!
 What is the most exciting aspect of editing DISfunkshion? What is most challenging? Most exciting is seeing the final product after shoots as well as layout design. Layout can also be a bit challenging though because you don’t always feel creative so sometimes I have to really push myself.
 How do you keep inspired? Having devotional time with Jesus every day! =)
How would you describe your own personal style? Boho/gypsy/cowgirl! LOL!
What are a few of your “go-to” designers//stylists? I actually don’t wear designer clothes. i don’t believe in spending too much on clothes. Fashion is driven by fads and those vanish quickly. besides, you can’t really buy style and I believe everyone has their own district style. I love thawing things on that don’t even match! It should be fun! I do love to shop at affordable stores like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Love Culture. All the runway looks for less!
If you had one piece of advice for females what would it be? Don’t just go with the flow! Find your true voice and follow it. Also, respect yourself and your body. I once heard that a good baseball batter doesn’t swing at just any pitch, but rather waits for the best one. I think we often swing at just about any pitch life throws at us, specially in relationships. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate that!
Goals for the future: Personal… to get married to a man who is the best partner to do life with! Someone who challenges and encourages me while we serve God together. For the magazine to translate into Spanish and Japanese.
Words you live by? “Let go of all the baggage, for he who travels lightest, travels furthest.” -Anthea Paul
Ways to follow…. 🙂
And of course print issues are available at issue is NOW available at Barnes & Noble and most bookstores where magazines are sold! 🙂
(All photos courtesy of Hugette & DISfunkshion) 

live from the level of the soul

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“Learn to knock on the door of your own being. This is what is known as intuition, creativity, vision, and prophesy….

If we could learn to live from the level of the soul, we would see that the best most luminous parts of ourselves is connected to all the rhythms of the universe. We would truly know ourselves as the miracle-makers we are capable of being.”

~Deepak Chopra

Goals On the Rocks : Jacki Carr

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“I want to live in a World where people get possible. Let’s get up to it. Goals Coach. Adventures. Writer. Hiker. Rock Your Bliss.”


You can’t sum up the human spirit in a sentence. Words we use to describe ourselves will continuously fall short in capturing our essence and full potential. With that in mind, Rock Your Bliss co-founder and Goal Coach Jacki Carr does a seriously great job at condensing her lively and vibrating energy into a few words that express her best.  Confident, level-headed and humble as can be, it was pure joy chatting with Jacki about her story and the legacy she intends on leaving in this world.

The epitome of authentic living, Carr’s found her purpose in connecting, inspiring and creating with others through goal coaching and public speaking.


Beautiful Abundance + Human Interaction


Finding lululemon athletica and mentor Susanne Conrad at the “most radical time”, Jacki spent six years growing (both personally and professionally) with the company and shadowing Conrad at leadership and community events.  Working with a culture of like-minded goal crushers, her vision began to unfold organically and lead her to take an intensive training directly with Conrad, certifying her as an igolu (pronounced i-goal-you) leader <a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training work that she certifies others to lead.>

With training under her belt and the intuition that this was something she could offer to the world, she set off to finding her voice and creating a vibration of leadership and intention. OH and then a little thing called “Rock Your Bliss” became a reality. Sitting on the beach with best friend and game-changer Mary-Beth, their idea of transformation through the power of yoga, coaching and community aligned like magic and the fun began.


So what IS Bliss exactly? To Jacki,  “Bliss is that sweaty hug after yoga, that high five after crossing a finish line, that moment you start to feel tears well in the corner of your eyes from sheer joy, the heart flutter where you question if your heart is an actual muscle or a radical butterfly, for real?  Bliss is you being you at your most powerful vibration, me being me in my most connected space, and us, being the World, creating magic through human connection and living bigger because we are rocking the bliss. BOOM.” 

As I sit and write this in the Northwest cold, the Rock Your Bliss crew is down in Sayulita, Mexico soaking up the sun and moving from one enjoyable activity to the next.  Yoga, goal coaching, hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, meditating and surfing are just a few things on the menu while the actual meal menus are created from scratch using only the freshest ingredients.

My new goal? Register for their next retreat!

Keep up with Jacki & the Bliss crafters movement


Twitter, Facebook, instagram

(All photos compliments of Jacki Carr)

Jewelry Design // Prism & Sol

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt 


Designs inspired by the elements: Earth, Sun, Sky & Ocean 

Communication with Linda, the creative behind Prism & Sol began when I was one week out from leaving Hawaii and she was already 7 months into her road trip on the mainland. After ten years on Maui, Linda and her fiancé decided to switch gears and left the islands in search of mountain towns, cold rivers, road trips, backpacking adventures, and a new perspective.  Starting their trip in San Francisco (with their 80 lb pup in tow), the three of them ventured down California, through the souther states and back up the Atlantic Coast, finally taking some respite in Vermont.  A conversation that began with questions regarding her stunning  jewelry line quickly flowed and weaved into more personal discussion on everything from moving, faith, transitions and living in the present.


Let’s rewind a few years back… finding a muddy box full of beading materials underneath her porch, Linda began creating jewelry for herself and eventually took classes to further her craft.  Receiving encouraging feedback on her choice of hobby, she started selling her gems in the bikini shop she was managing and  shifting more energy into production.  Fast forward to launching her first collection in spring of April 2013, Linda has watched Prism & Sol transform from a small grassroots idea , to being featured in popular fashion blogs and receiving shout outs from talented well known designers.


instagram: PRISMANDSOL

I hope I don’t make it sound like she fell asleep one night and woke up to success, because it hasn’t come without sacrifice and stepping out of her comfort zone (hence the 8 month road trip!) And while the adventure began as part of a search to the question of where to settle down, the trip encompassed more lessons than Linda could have imagined, and did eventually answer their question (Linda and her fiancé are now back in Maui.) While the trip didn’t lead to a permanent switch in location, Linda is thankful for the temporary change of scenery and learned to embrace and not resist change.  Taking residence in a quintessential cabin in an isolated mountain area, the quiet time allowed her to set up a home studio and put more energy into creating.  Happy to be pouring her passion into Prism & Sol, she advises fellow female entrepreneuers to get clear about their own visions and dreams. Ask yourself, “What does it look like coming into fruition?”  Then start moving, taking little and realistic steps to get there.  Moreover, BELIEVE in your ability to fulfill those dreams.  Putting yourself out there to the world is scary, but take that leap of faith and walk self-assured.

Moving forward, Linda is most excited about re-grounding in Maui, getting back to the surf, and seeing how Prism & Sol evolves.  I personally love seeing the prosperity of Linda and Prism because of the undeniable affection and work that goes into everything she creates. [She confessed she falls in love with every piece she makes] which makes owning one of her creations even that more special. Be on the lookout for Prism & Sol’s second collection coming soon!


[“Prism + Sol jewelry is our passion project; created out of love and designed with nature in mind.  We hand craft each piece in our little jungle studio on the North shore of Maui.  Silver + gold, gemstones + crystals, seashells + beach glass combine to create feminine and simple, yet bold and eye-catching designs.  Drawing from the ocean, the jungle, and our adventures on the road, we have created a versatile collection – appealing to beach+babes, gypsies, and free spirits alike.”]

Sound like you? Follow & stay connected via…




<<All photos courtesy of Prism & Sol>>

Outdoor Magazine : Whitney James

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Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors.  Since starting Modern Muse, I’ve found myself gravitating towards females who feel the same; who speak my language when it comes to being in nature. Through social media and blogging, I’ve met a handful of rad gals who prefer craft beer over cosmos and camping over 5 star hotels.  One of these ladies is Whitney James.  Hailling from the great state of Washington but finding home in Colorado, James recently scored her dream job at Outside Magazine after “stalking” the publication for over 3 years. I actually just missed her when I made the move to Washington and she made her move to New Mexico to start her new job! I have faith that one of these days our paths will cross in real life, but for now read a little bit more about her initiation to the outdoors (huge thanks to her parents) and the best adventures she’s ever had.


How did you become such an outdoor enthusiast? 

I like to tell people I spent my entire childhood outdoors. Since I was only allowed to watch an hour of TV each week, this is pretty accurate. Camping trips, skiing, hiking and biking were a regular occurrence, thanks to my Dad. Except back then, I didn’t thank him. I think I wanted to watch more TV.

Why do you think it’s important to stay connected to the Outdoors?

People no longer live in spaces that are real. Between social media and your inbox, everything is two feet away from your face on a digital screen. Unplugging is absolutely crucial if you want to wake up five years from now and wonder what you’ve done with your life. Real experiences – the ones you remember – happen outdoors. 

How did you land your gig at Outdoor Magazine?

I’d been stalking Outside Magazine for over three years – ever since I picked it off my then-boyfriend’s coffee table. It was love at first sight, and I sent in pitches, stalked editors on Twitter, and applied for every opening. Finally, I threw my hands in the air and sent my résumé to a friend of a friend as a last chance. Three months later, I got an e-mail that my résumé had made it, and I had a job offer. I was packing my bags for Santa Fe before I hung up the phone!


What is your role there?

I was hired to put together the Summer Buyer’s Guide, the twice-yearly roundup of the best new products in the outdoor industry. The whole thing consisted of wrangling over 500 pieces of gear and fact checking every word in the issue. It hits stands late April. My next move is as digital marketing manager at Outside GO, the newly partnered adventure-travel company. 

Where were you born and where do you live?

I was born in Issaquah, Washington, outside of Seattle. I found Boulder, Colorado after college and will never leave. When I drove into town the first time, I actually rear-ended someone because I couldn’t take my eyes off the mountains.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Wake up, eat a donut, head to work. I get my miles in afterwards on my mountain bike or the running trails around town. I try to catch every sunset I can, so I’m typically outside until it’s dark – year round, if possible.


When do you feel most alive? 

Writing. After that, running. 

What did you want to be growing up?

When I was five, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Since then, I’ve wanted to be a writer. But I’d also like a very expensive cabin in the mountains – so I’m going to combine my love of storytelling with the outdoor industry in any way I can, whether that means through online advertising or writing feature stories.


What has your path looked like to achieve your goals?

It’s been sporadic, but a steady march. I wrangled horses on a ranch after college before becoming part of a two-person marketing team at a now very successful robotics start-up. Surprisingly, I learned lessons and skills at both jobs that I’m able to shape to my advantage now.

What does your goals list look like now? 

That’s the thing no one talks about – what happens when you achieve your goals. Because I wanted to work for Outside Magazine for so long, I’m facing a goal deficit. You first have to know what you want, then work on achieving it. I’m trying to figure that out again.


What is your fav thing to do when you’re not working?

Work out. I’m a constant beginner, whether it’s running, climbing, fishing or mountain biking, so I always have something to work on. It’s an endless challenge, and I reward myself with a lot of craft-brewed beer.

What is one of the best adventures you’ve ever had? 

The most memorable was an impromptu camping trip my best friend and I took last summer up to Stehekin at the top of Lake Chelan in Washington State. We hitchhiked by boat to the remote campsite with nothing more than a two-person hammock and a loaf of banana bread, and ended up nearly dead from dehydration, West Nile virus, and sun burns. It was the best overnighter, ever!


What supplies you with STOKE?

Working hard and having it pay off. Whether it’s nailing a descent I’ve been trying to ride for weeks or seeing my name in an issue of Outside Magazine, nothing beats the feeling of well-earned accomplishment. That and fish tacos.  

Best advice for novice females looking to get into outdoor pursuits?

It does not matter if you’re a beginner. The best thing you can do is set your mind to a small goal – like finding a group of people who want to play outside – and go full steam ahead from there. The only thing you need is a good attitude. You’re going to fail, and it’s probably going to bruise, but that’s part of the fun.


Words you live by?

Things don’t just happen for a reason. They happen because you make them.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about? 

I’ve never been so excited about my future career. I can’t wait to dive into work for Outside GO and see where we end up. Five years from now, I’m fully expecting to think, “Wow, that was the beginning of the best time of my life.” 

5 things you can’t live without? 

I’d love to say something poetic like my leather Moleskine, but let’s get real. My F150, my Canon DSLR, and my iPhone. Then my mountain bike and my Tom Ford sunglasses.


Make sure to follow Whitney at her site Handwritten, where “everything posted came to life scribbled on the back of a map, a napkin, or in a notebook.”  🙂

twitter: @whitneyljames

*all photos compliments of Whitney James

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