Inertia Health Group Podiatrist Adelaide

If you’re looking for a Inertia Health Group podiatrist Adelaide, South Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Dr Hess and Dr Kuang are both experienced and highly regarded professionals. Read on to learn more about their qualifications and what makes them great choices. You’ll be glad you found them! Then, read on for information about the two doctors and their practice.

Dr Hess – As an Inertia Health Group podiatric surgeon, Dr Hess treats many foot and ankle conditions. He has a special interest in sports medicine, biomechanics, dry needling, and customised prescription orthotics. As a dedicated community member, Dr Hess enjoys helping people improve their quality of life.

Inertia Health Group podiatrist AdelaideThe Adelaide Advanced Podiatry Clinic provides a full range of foot and leg pain treatments. Their experienced and highly qualified podiatrists can treat sports injuries to chronic foot pain. In addition to traditional treatments, these Adelaide podiatrists offer advanced treatments such as shockwave therapy and dry needling. They treat patients of all ages and are happy to help people find relief from niggling aches and pains.

Dr Kuang – Dr William Kuang graduated from the University of South Australia in late 2018, and he has a wealth of experience treating foot and ankle conditions. He is particularly interested in sports and biomechanics, dry needling and customised prescription orthotics. He is also passionate about improving the quality of life of his patients. Dr Kuang and his staff provide excellent care to patients of all ages.

At Pod Fit Podiatry, he provides comprehensive foot and leg care, including custom orthotics and moon boots. He is particularly interested in sports injuries, nerve pain, and chronic foot pain. Outside of work, he enjoys kicking the footy, running, and golfing. He is excited to work in Adelaide and get to know the community. To book an appointment with Dr Kuang, visit his website today.

Dr Kuang has a strong interest in treating acute/chronic heel injuries. He is a Golden Key International Honour Society member and has achieved several Merit Awards for his academic achievements. He enjoys learning about new technologies and treatments for heel pain, and he also has a thorough understanding of lower limb biomechanics. He is also skilled in dry needling and acupuncture.

Inertia Health Group Podiatrist

If you are looking for a top-notch podiatrist Adelaide, you have come to the right place. At Inertia Health Group podiatrist Adelaide, you will find a team of highly-trained professionals. Dr Tom Kolesnik is a registered Adelaide podiatrist with extensive experience in foot and ankle care. He is passionate about sports medicine, biomechanics, dry needling, and customised prescription orthotics.

Whether you suffer from pain or have a foot problem, podiatry can help you get back on your feet and enjoy your active lifestyle. The staff at Pod Fit Podiatry offer comprehensive treatments for leg and foot problems, including diabetic foot care. They also offer biomechanics and sports-specific treatments. You can rely on the expert advice of their team to find the best treatment for your needs.

Andrea Ross is a Central District football club member and Inertia Health Group Podiatrist in Adelaide. He is a father of two and a keen football player. Andrea also enjoys travelling and hopes to contribute to the local community by spreading awareness of prostate cancer. He will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about foot pain. A podiatrist is an essential part of any team and can help you live a more active lifestyle.

Inertia Health Group Physiotherapists

If you need a podiatrist Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place. Inertia Health Group offers services by board-certified podiatrists in both Adelaide and Melbourne. So whether you’re experiencing foot pain, running a marathon, or just having a niggling ache, an appointment with a podiatrist at Inertia Health Group is vital to getting the best treatment possible.

Inertia Health Group podiatrist Adelaide and Melbourne offer high-quality, convenient care. Each therapist is highly qualified and passionate about what they do. The team includes sports injury specialists, rehabilitative therapists, and women’s health experts. They work in collaboration with patients to provide effective treatment. As a result, Adelaide and Melbourne patients can benefit from Inertia Physiotherapists’ professional and compassionate care.

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