What Does a Building Inspector Do?

A building inspector is responsible for ensuring structures’ safe and sound construction. They examine the joists and rafters of the building and the grade and spacing of roof timber. They also inspect plumbing and electrical systems during construction. A building inspector also reports any violation of building codes. They may also check for mould and moisture.

The most important aspect of the job is the ability to keep records. A building inspector may have to inspect several buildings at once. The inspector must maintain individual records on each project to keep track of all details. This job also requires periodic renewal of the work license, which is required by law. Most employers prefer applicants who have some form of professional certification. These voluntary certifications can help building inspector land higher-level positions and raise their earnings potential.

A high school diploma is required for prospective building inspectors. In most cases, they must complete an apprenticeship and several years of experience in the construction trade. College courses in architecture and engineering are often required. In addition, they can teach students how to read blueprints, stress analysis, and physics. A few specialised inspectors have previous experience as electricians, plumbers, or other specialised fields. It is crucial to note that a building inspector’s job is not easy, and they will have to communicate their findings to the supervisor.

In addition to these requirements, a building inspector must keep records on each project. These records must be updated periodically. In addition, the work license must be renewed every three years. Contact professional certification if you’re planning to advance in your career. Voluntary professional certification is a great way to boost your earnings and obtain leadership positions. You can also obtain a professional certificate to increase your chances of getting a better job as a building inspector.

Building inspectors are often government employees, although you can also find these positions in private businesses. A building inspector’s work can be very demanding but rewarding and satisfying. When you’re willing to commit to the profession, you’ll never be bored. If you’re passionate about this career, it will help you grow in your chosen field. Finally, when you enjoy working with people, you’ll love the job.

There are many types of building inspectors. Most of them are involved in the construction industry, so they need to be well-versed in the field of inspection. You can get a job as a building inspector in any area, but the experience is preferred. Some jobs are more difficult than others. A good place to start is a community with many older people. A city with many retired people is an ideal place to work.