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Becoming a Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist may not be as glamorous as you think. A career in this field requires a great deal of education and training. This article will provide an overview of the job duties and educational requirements. In addition, we’ll cover the average salary. So read on to learn more about this profession and start your career path today. After all, who wouldn’t want to look like the next superstar? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a makeup artist.

Career Outlook

makeup artist MelbourneA career as a makeup artist Melbourne is quite lucrative. Compared to other fields, it does not require a long college degree or expensive tuition fees. A makeup artist can start a career early, and the hours can be exotic. The downside is that they will likely be away from home a lot. As the number of jobs in this industry grows, so will the competition. If you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist, read on to learn more about the career outlook for this profession. Then, consult the professional from MarionLee. 

The employment outlook for makeup artists has been improving steadily over the past five years. Employment growth for this field is projected to reach 37 per cent between 2020 and 2030. Salaries have steadily increased in the last several years, but it’s important to remember that make-up artist jobs fill quickly. Therefore, getting a good education is advisable before starting a career. It’s also advisable to seek employment before you start a career.

Education required

Becoming a makeup artist is a rewarding career. The field requires extensive education, skills, and experience to make it a success. In addition to formal education, aspiring makeup artists are encouraged to pursue professional development by becoming members of leading industry organisations. The IATSE, for example, represents over 140,000 artisans in the entertainment industry, including live theatre, motion pictures, television production, and trade shows. The IMA is a globally recognised awarding body for makeup artists. The IAPO is a business development service for working makeup artists, while NASMAH is an association for professional makeup artists in the United Kingdom.

As a makeup artist, you’ll also need to take art classes in school. Painting, drawing, and photography classes are great, as they will help you understand light and illustrate various makeup effects. Then, you’ll need to take sculpting classes since many special makeup effects require using clay or other materials. Chemistry courses are also helpful for working with cosmetics. You’ll need to know how to apply different types of makeup and the chemical composition of cosmetics. Consult the professional from MarionLee.

Job Duties

A makeup artist’s primary job is to beautify individuals, particularly women, by applying different layers of cosmetics to their faces. The makeup artist’s tools and colours may vary, and they may work for television studios, film and theatre companies, or retail or salons. During their work, they analyse their clients’ skin types and facial features and choose products to enhance their features and prevent rashes. In addition, they may design budgets for their tools and supplies depending on their specific work. Sometimes, they may work for special occasions, like weddings, proms, or proms.

Another important job duty of a makeup artist Melbourne is to study the production information, including period settings, costume designs, and character descriptions. Once they understand what is required, they can create character drawings based on research. Additionally, makeup artists work closely with costume designers to create appropriate looks for the characters. These professionals must understand the requirements of the filmmakers and know what styles will look best on their models. Lastly, they must be able to meet the strict deadlines of a production.

Average Salary

In May 2015, the average salary for a makeup artist was $60,970, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is the median annual wage for artists, with about half earning more than this figure. The lowest 10 per cent earned less than $22,630, while the highest ten per cent earned more than $124,960 annually. While the average salary for makeup artists in different regions may vary, the highest-paid artists earn the highest salaries.