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Silk Laundry Offers a Huge Variety of Fabrics and Prints

When you’re looking for the perfect piece of clothing but aren’t sure what to get, you might be surprised to learn that Silk Laundry does various fabrics and prints. The designer and owner, Laura Kolodinski, resides in Montreal and sources silk from China. However, the Silk Laundry website states that its designs are exclusively hers, and the company does not follow colour forecasting or trends.

Kolodinski studied medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and psychology. Silk LaundryOriginally from Montreal, Kolodinski, a fashion and design graduate, studied Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and psychology at McGill University. She later turned to textiles and started a clothing label while still a student. She sourced silk from China, and prints are exclusive to Silk Laundry. As a result, her clothes aren’t affected by trends, nor are they based on colour forecasting.

She studied psychology

Katie Kolodinski studied psychology and Chinese medicine at the University of Toronto. After graduation, she worked in lingerie stores and florist in the fashion industry. She also studied industrial sewing and picture framing. Eventually, she decided to start her own business, which started as a side project five years ago. Initially, she was nervous about selling her business, but she decided to leap once she saw that customers loved it.

Edgell introduced her to many of her contemporaries in her first years as a professor. She studied under Oswald Kulpe, who had studied at the University of Wurzburg. Edgell also set up the first psychological laboratory in the country at Bedford College. In addition, she secured a part-time position in the Physiological Laboratory at the University of London. She worked on questions such as whether previous experience facilitates subsequent learning.

The Sustainable Initiative at Silk Laundry

The Sustainable Initiative at Silk Laundry is an ambitious plan to use less energy and water and eliminate plastics from its business practices. Shortly, the company plans to collaborate with local artisans and organisations fighting against animal endangerment, environmental disasters, social injustice and poverty. It has completed a B Impact Assessment and is working towards becoming a Certified B Corporation. In the meantime, you can see the latest collection in its store.

Katie Kolodinski

The founder of the Canadian clothing line Silk Laundry, Katie Kolodinski, grew up in Thunder Bay, Ont., but spent the past 17 years in Australia. She decided to launch her clothing line in 2015 and opened two stores in Australia last August. Since then, she has expanded her range to include lingerie and pants. Her latest collection is made of polyvalent sable and ’90s-inspired silk. Silk Laundry’s prices are still reasonable, as the brand is not geared to mass-market sales.

The clothing line’s creative director, Katie Kolodinski, is also the brand’s founder. She studied Chinese and acupuncture while in her 20s and has also studied psychology and creative arts, including picture framing and industrial sewing. After graduating from school, she bought a lingerie label in Australia. The owner thought she and her husband would be the perfect match, and they quickly began to produce some of the most beautiful lingerie in town.

Her inspiration

The inspiration behind Silk Laundry’s design ethos is not just about creating beautiful clothes that will last a lifetime. Instead, Katie’s brand embraces timelessness and supports the environment. The clothing she designs makes her customers feel good about themselves and the environment. In this interview, Katie shares the inspiration for Silk Laundry’s collection, how she designs her collections and the importance of personal touch in the creative process.

The brand was founded by Katie Kolodinski, a Toronto native who has lived in four different countries. Born in Ontario, she studied psychology, fine arts framing and gilding, and even acupuncture before settling in Australia for the last 18 years. Upon returning to Canada, she launched Silk Laundry, a clothing line focused on luxury silk garments. She began her journey designing women’s silk slip dresses, later inspiring the brand to launch its first capsule collection, Mixed Dressing.

Her mission

Having spent much of her life travelling, Katie Kolodinski’s mission to create the most luxurious clothes possible is one of her greatest joys. She’s a native of Ontario, Canada, but has lived in five countries and studied fine arts, framing, gilding, acupuncture, and psychology. She spent 18 years in Australia before founding Silk Laundry, a company that creates handmade and luxury clothing.

Her latest collection

For the fall and winter, one brand has developed a capsule line that features a gender-fluid aesthetic. Silk Laundry has been designing silk slip dresses for women since the early 2000s, but the brand is introducing relaxed blazers this season. To learn more about the collection and how the brand is evolving, read this interview with designer Katie Kolodinski. We also discussed the company’s inspiration and how she works in the fashion industry.