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How to Use Sunscreen for Oily Skin 

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Oily skin is an outcome of extreme production of sebum that is an oily secretion. Your looks can be ruined because of it. It is essential to follow a great skin care regular to have a smooth, perfect, and radiant skin.

Looking after oily skin correctly is a difficult procedure that needs a balance in between getting rid of sufficient of the extreme oil to eliminate the issue without making a new one by removing excessive and triggering dry skin.

Obviously, every effort needs to always be required to avoid sunburn in the first place. Everybody is at threat for skin cancer, specifically people with light skin color, light hair or eye color, and a history of life time sunburn, according to the American Cancer Society. When sunburn can’t be prevented, treat it rapidly with a natural sunburn remedy, devoid of nasty chemicals and without any negative effects.

Here are some suggestions how to treat your oily skin and bring back fresh-faced balance, clean, and glossy to your skin apart from using korean sunscreen for oily skin.

Cleaning with Warm, not Warm Water

It is important to remove the extreme oils however not to remove them all. The soap that used with warm water will work much easier to remove the oil and dirt from your face and speed up the entire procedure and may direct to dry skin and flaking. Scrub your face carefully needs to suffice to get rid of your oily skin issue without triggering a dry skin issue while doing so. Prevent scrubbing it too hard, as this can aggravate the skin.

Use Mild Soap

One cleaning each day with a moderate soap must be sufficient to eliminate the extreme oils while leaving enough behind to keep wetness and secure skin. Avoid any soap which contain alcohol or severe soaps to remove away oil. Your glands will intuitively renew lost oil and will increase their oil production. This might develop more health issue than existed with the oily skin. 

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Pick non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic items rather, that are less most likely to obstruct your pores. You also can use an oil-free sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 when exposed to the sun. Keep away from velvety moisturizers and sun blocks. Make certain they are oil free.

Oil-Free Makeup and Facial Item

Pick powder-based items, or items especially meant for oily skin, such as including acne medication. These will work to remove the extreme oil and treat your pores at the same time. Before using makeup, use an antibacterial day cream with active components that minimize sebaceous secretions. In addition, if you wish to sleep while there is still makeup on your skin, do not forget to remove it. 

Prevent Tension

There is definitely a connection in between oily skin and tension. Androgens produce a lot more oil when you are stressed out, hectic, or nervous which unavoidably results in oily skin. Always take the time to relax.

Natural Remedy

A combination of cucumber juice with lime juice is an outstanding remedy that needs to be used on your skin half an hour before having a bath. You also may include a couple of drops of eau de perfume to the combination. This combination avoids development of acne and eliminates excess oil from the skin.

Picking the ideal sunscreen can be a difficult job, many women are stressed that sunscreen will be too oily for their skin for daily use. Some women even believe that because they reside in a cold environment that they just need to use sunscreen throughout the summertime that however would be an error. Hazardous UVA rays permeate the cloud cover all year long and we need to safeguard our skin from them.

Sun blocks have even gone commercial with companies including things like green tea extract, pomegranate extract, vitamin C, vitamin E along with anti-oxidants. Ingredients like anti-oxidants are necessary because they enhance sunscreen and make it more reliable. For women with oily skin there are a number of non-comedogenic items available in both drug store and outlet store brands, these items will not obstruct your pores. There are also a number of delicate skin solutions which contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide that assist skin that is vulnerable to soreness.


Whatever sunscreen you choose to use make sure you’re utilizing it as part of your daily regular and keep in mind to use it all year round for protection against not just wrinkles however skin cancer. Acquiring all those pricey moisturizers, serums and night creams it ends up will not be extremely efficient at all unless you make a commitment to use sunscreen!

How much does Tattoo Removal cost?

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Normally, many people love to put tattoos in their different part of the body for style or passion. In certain time sure you would really feel or get bored and willing to change or hide your tattoo. During that time, you would be searching for the best tattoo removal treatment. In that time sure the tattoo removal best treatment can support you. Through utilizing the different tools you can completely remove or make them to diminish so that you can put some other new tattoo in that place.

How does the laser magical treatment works out?

Removal Tattoo laser

For removing the tattoo you don’t want to worry too much because you can find out the latest rocking laser techniques and methods are available. With its support you can remove the tattoo easily without hurting your body. You might think its cost would be high but it is not as like that, “The laser removal treatment is considered as the advanced treatment techniques that are mainly designed for eliminating the tattoos that too without leaving any scars or unpigmented areas in your skin behind”.

During this treatment the high energy is released and that light would breaks up the tiny inks into tiny particles that would be gradually absorbed by your skin. Even this treatment would cause some discomfort though a local anesthetic that is caused for eliminating the pain. Read more to know more about it. The cost of the treatment would range from $200 to $500 per treatment. In case when you undergo different session then the cost would be little higher which may be approximately $1000 to $10000.

How long does the tattoos removal laser session would continue?

The number of the sessions that is required for removal treatments would be primarily determined based on the color of tattoo and the most tattoos would comprise the different families. Some kinds of the tattoos required 15 to 20 treatments. While the Turquoise tattoos are really difficult to eliminate.

What are the other alternative treatments that can be used?

Not only this in additional to that there are also the other kinds of the treatments can be used for removing the tattoo from the body and they are listed below

  • The impressive intense pulsed light: In this treatment the pulse of light would be emitted onto the skin. It is considered as one of the most effective as well as less painful treatment that is used for removing the tattoo and its average cost would be $10 per pulse.
  • The rocking surgical excision: During this type of treatment the tattoo would be cut off and the skin is sewn back together. But this treatment would leave a scar behind.
  • Dermabrasion treatment: A little care is needed while doing it because it would leave a scar or pale area and the skin is sanded away.
  • Even you can try out with home based treatments: For such a kind of treatment the cream or lotions would be used for making a tattoo less visible. In this treatment one cannot able to completely eliminate the tattoo but you can allow fading it.

Things that you should check out or know before starting to remove your tattoo

“Prevention is better than cure”, so it is required for you to keep few things in your mind before planning for removing the tattoo and they are listed below

  • It is required for you to consider doctor they would suggest you some ideas.
  • Have a discussion section along with your friends who had removed the tattoo from their body completely.
  • Think about whether you would get any kinds of other side effects that would harm or create any rashes.

When you are clear with all sorts of works then you can try out and successfully remove the tattoo that is present in your body.

Some easy strategies that you can follow to remove the tattoo

If you don’t want to take any risk then you can start using some of the interesting balm that is available in the online for you. Sure that would be helpful for you to completely escape from the old tattoo and paves a way for you to update yourself with the new tattoo in your hand. When you want to find more then read more about it.

How to Find the Best Clean Tattoo Artist in Your Region?

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Many people wish to do the impressive design of tattoo anywhere in their body and they search for the best tattoo shops and tattoo artists on online, then they get more than expected options. They can conveniently narrow down these shops and artists when they read honest reviews of services from top tattoo studios specialized by qualified tattoo artists’ committed and customized services. They can visit Mamies Skin Care and get an overview about the easiest way to choose and book the professional tattoo service on time.

Best Clean Tattoo Artist

Explore the best options at first

Selecting the right tattoo studio on time is the first step to get the desired design of the tattoo at the competitive price. If you wish to get a tattoo, then you have to focus on a list of options to get such tattoo. You can get referrals from your friends and family members soon after you have decided to find pros and cons of tattoo studios in your region.  You have to focus on their work and make certain about how such work turned out at this time. This is worthwhile to give preference to the cleanliness of the environment while choosing the tattoo studio. You must watch and double-check that tattoo artists open a new needle from the package and use the brand-new ink.

Beginners to the tattoo related services these days get confused with different options. They can contact and discuss with well-experienced and dedicated tattoo artists to get an overview about benefits and drawbacks of every tattoo. They must feel comfortable and confidence with the tattoo artist before using the service. They can make contact with the licensed tattoo shop and consider every aspect of the tattoo service in detail. They have to be patient while getting the tattoo when they wish long-term happiness with their tattoo.

Contact experienced tattoo artists

Tattoo artists all through the world use the first-class resources and effective methods to enhance every aspect of their services to every customer. Everyone understands that tattoos are for life. They spend enough time and consider some significant things before choosing the tattoo artist. They can read online and the world of mouth reviews about services provided by top clean tattoo artists in their area. They can start with individuals they know and enhance their proficiency about different things related to the tattoo services.

Anyone with an idea to get an eye-catching design of the tattoo can focus on the work portfolio and images of the tattoo studios of good reputation. This is advisable to ask to look at some previous works done by the tattoo artists and follow the tattoo artists on the social media to keep up-to-date with the recent tattoo works done by them.  You can take note of the strong and solid lines in the tattoo with the smooth nature. If you ensure that previous works of clean tattoo artists are rich in the best and consistent color and shading with smooth nature on the whole, then you can make an informed decision and use the tattoo service.

Well experienced and dedicated tattoo artists these days demonstrate their works renowned for the proper color gradients. They have a specialization in how to blend colors and enhance the tattoo as per expectations of their customers.

Beginners to the tattoo services can visit Mamiesskincare and get the absolute guidance to contact the clean tattoo artist. They can consider the hygiene standard of the tattoo studio and artist they work in. This is because pr hygiene during the tattoo process leads to hepatitis A, blood poisoning and infections. Successful tattoo studios have qualified personnel who wear gloves while working and maintain the studio clean.

Aloha Friday + Daily Gratitude

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It’s time for a gratitude list. Gratitude is a value I hold highly and it’s been teetering on the extremes. I am either fully enveloped in it, drowning in acknowledgment of life’s gifts- or commiserating in my quesitons and feeling helpless to situations. The easiest thing to do to gain perspective?  Write down a thank you list. 🙂 So here is mine, to lift spirits and remind me that I should be exhaulting in thanks every single day. Share what’s on your list!


1.) Fresh Produce straight from the garden! While it is still one of my resolutions to have my own full on garden, until then I will gladly pick my veggies from the Carvitto family’s backyard.  There’s something about getting your hands dirty for food that satisfies your soul and your stomach.


2.) One place I continue to have unwavering gratitude is for this man. I’m smitten kitten and so happy to be living in the same place, going on adventures like this one! A beautiful hike to Colchuck Lake near Leavenworth. (And yes this was taken just a few weeks ago. I never would have thought I would see snow in June?)


3.) Daisy – I can’t underestimate the joy and happiness she brings into people’s lives. I’m not just talking about the people who are taking rides in her either. When we’re driving, it’s not uncommon to see heaps of smiles and people pumping their fist in approval from the sidewalks and other cars. One can’t help but appreciate the good vibes this big green bus gives.


4.) New Experiences + Pushing Boundaries : I rocked climbed for the first time a few weeks ago. I’ve never been scared of heights and always down for a challenge, but it provoked different emotions than I would have ever guessed. While I trusted my belayer below me, I got stuck a few times in trusting myself to make the next move. I got so near the top with one HUGE (at least it looked huge) obstacle above me and I remember thinking, muscles shaking, I can’t do this. I voiced my surrender to the group below and was assured immediately that I could. And I did. With a lot of help! Standing at the top, I was literally almost in tears because I was so happy. Teamwork + Trust = Success.


5.) Finding my favorite flowers (that I didn’t even plant) growing outside in my front yard. The PNW is rich with diverse and sweet smelling blossoms. Walking around my neighborhood I am literally hit with nectarous scents. That combined with the pops of color instantly put me in a peaceful and happy mood.

What’s on your gratitude list? What provides you with an instant lift?

Motivation Monday: Give Thanks // Get Moving

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unnamed1 (1)Yesterday morning I woke up, threw on my running shoes and was about to walk out the door with my headphones on when I stopped and listened to the quiet. It had been a while since I went on a pure run with no Spotify playlist to keep me going, without a watch or timer in hand and without knowing exactly where I was headed and when it would be over.   I set my phone down and started towards the mountains. (Yes those mountains in the picture.)

Summer is officially upon us and the sun is beckoning more moments in it’s presence.  More heat = less clothing and for females around the world – swimsuit season.  I didn’t think about it much while living in Hawaii because everyday was bikini day but there is a legimate fear around the summer season and being “beach ready.”

I get it.  Winter this year meant layers, warm heavier foods and a strange detachment from my paler than normal body. My main concern was just surviving the winter and keeping blood circulating to my fingers and toes. With the transition of the season and the freeing of my down jackets, I am so ready to get moving and get tan.

I hear so many complaints about working out and the groans of having to do double days at the gym. I got to thinking, what if we didn’t look at “working out” as work? What if we stopped looking at it as a way to fit into our skinny jeans and instead, a way to enjoy movement and keep our bodies healthy? Next time you have a negative thought about getting your sweat on, think about how you would feel if the luxury was taken away from you? We take this form for granted and forget that we are lucky to have healthy functioning bodies that WANT to move and bend and stretch and work. We have a heart that wants to beat faster and louder and pump stronger.  Our bodies perform all these amazing functions every second without two thoughts and we often fall short of thanking them in a rightful manner.

If you hate the gym, don’t go. Find an alternative activity that you are stoked to do. Run, swim, rock climb, do yoga, paddle, play tennis, dance in your living room, ride your bike, kick box or go to cross fit. EXPLORE options. Ask friends to go to class with you. Schedule in a time to give back to you body. Just keep moving. Just keeping giving thanks to the powerful and capable shape you’ve been given. What are your favorite ways to sweat?

Malas & Mantras – Om Ganesha

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“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha”


This mantra is a salutation to the remover of obstacles Lord Ganesha.

Ganesha is one of the most popular and well known deities honored throughout India and Hindu cultures.   Easily spotted with his large elephant head and pot bellied human body, Ganesha is also the God of success and revered for his wisdom and cleverness.  These qualities combined with the ability to remove obstacles lead believers to a ritualistic practice of  invoking Lord Ganesha before beginning any auspicious work or activity, having faith that he will bless the path of new ventures.

Head over to the Vibrant Wellness Journal  to read more about japa, meditation and chanting.  Vibrant Wellness journal is a holistic health, green living and clean eats guide where I regularly post and share my love and knowledge on all things yoga!

Motivation Monday: Awakening the Mind State

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PC: Mike Keany [Wa’ahila Ridge]

“The whole path of yoga begins with these little daily experiences of waking up.  Awakening comes, in yoga, not at the end of the path; rather, it is present from the very beginning.  Ramakrishna, perhaps the greatest Indian mystic of the last two centuries, was fond of saying, “Only the divine can worship the divine.” In the experience of samadhi, in other words, it is our awake nature that recognizes itself in the mirror of consciousness.  In these moments, we are dissolved back into the One that is our source.” – Stephen Cope [ Yoga & the Quest of the True Self ]

We’ve all had our experiences of samadhi (bliss or union with the divine) and in these moments we know who we really are.  We rest into our true nature and recognize in the deepest part of our soul, everything is as it should be.  There is nothing to accept and nothing to reject. Life just is as it is, and that’s perfect.  These tasted moments of union may be brief, but they are the reminder that we can arrive and awaken everyday to our life.  It’s not enough to just show up. We have to engage and shake from the dream of separateness in which we usually live.

Sometimes this concept seems so simple to me. Other times, it’s a calculus equation I can’t begin to disassemble.  But in these succinct moments, there are no partitions or boundaries. I feel  a break through from daily life and grind.  I’m not worried because the illusion of separateness is broken.  I am aligned with the present and I know I am provided for.

Yoga puts our experiences of enlightenments at the center of our being and it’s difficult to turn back after that.  All of us who have had these experiences know, in spite of our denials or rationalizations, that we are changed by them.  Exiting out of samadhi and landing back into ordinary consciousness, we’re not quite the same.  We’ve seen truth and are not so concerned with the small picture anymore.

 I have moments where I can’t unroll my mat, I don’t want to chant, meditation is unbearable and I’m unmotivated to teach.   But yoga remains because it is my mode of transportation to truth.  Bliss may only come in moments, but the imprint it leaves on my spirit is permanent.

Happy Monday // aloha nui!

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