The Recovery Process After Knee Replacement

A knee replacement is a surgical procedure performed by knee replacement surgeons Adelaide to replace a damaged joint in the knee:


  1. The doctor removes the bone and cartilage and replaces them with an artificial joint.
  2. The femoral part of the artificial joint is called the femoral condyle, while the tibia or shinbone is replaced with a metal implant.
  3. A plastic spacer is carefully placed between the two metal components to form new cartilage.


Before the surgery, the patient is admitted to the hospital. Depending on the type of joint replacement, the surgery may involve a few days of recovery. Before the actual surgery, the patient will undergo Pre-Admission Testing. This test analyses blood, urine, and electrocardiogram measurements. When the results of the tests are abnormal, the surgeon can address them before the actual admission. In addition, the patient will likely be given pain medicine to keep them comfortable during the recovery process.


After the surgery, the patient must go back to the doctor’s office two weeks after the procedure. At the first visit, an X-ray will be taken to assess the condition of the joint. Both the bandage and staples will be removed during this visit. During the second visit, the bandage and staples will be removed. Once the patient is recovered from surgery, it is important to watch for signs of infection.



The recovery process after a knee replacement depends on the type of surgery performed. The surgery can last from two to four hours. The patient can return to work and continue normal activities about two weeks after the procedure. However, the recovery time varies from one patient to another. Patients should expect to be in a lot of pain, so medications are recommended to help them cope. The first few weeks after the said surgery are crucial for healing.


Following the surgery, the incision is closed with stitches or surgical staples. A drainage tube or dressing may be attached to the joint after surgery. Most patients must stay overnight in the hospital. The knee replacement is an important procedure, but it cannot be done without proper care. You should follow the surgeon’s instructions after the surgery to avoid complications. For example, after surgery, you should rest for two days and take painkillers as necessary.


You should be patient-friendly to the knee replacement surgeons Adelaide. Do not be scared to discuss your concerns with your doctor. They will probably be able to help you. If you are an excellent candidate for surgery, the doctor will have minimal to no complications. But you should also remember to follow all precautions and follow-up visits. If you are worried about pain after the operation, do not hesitate to discuss the risks with your knee replacement surgeons Adelaide.