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I stand by my last blog post that boasts LOVE brings sunshine to any season and warmth in any temperature.   But I’m pretty sure the universe saw this as an open invitation to test my statement by significantly dropping the temperatures. The past couple of days in Seattle have been literally FREEZING. I ran around Greenlake this morning and sections of the lake were actually frozen.  It was somewhere around 20 degrees (high of 32 today!) and just half an hour earlier, I was waking from a very real dream of surfing in Hawaii.  Sometimes it’s hard to catch up with friends or check social media knowing what I’m going to see. I admit, it’s hard to see pictures of Hawaii nei when I have to put on 5 layers before I step outside.  However one account I will faithfully follow, regardless if it makes me homesick is photographer (*and my first Modern Muse*) Ashley Camper. <<@ashleycamper>> Many mahalos to Camper for chatting with me and sharing her story so I could in turn, share with you. 😀Enjoy!



A temporary move to Maui in 2006 proved to be fateful  for photographer Ashley Camper as, seven years later, she’s still dwelling on the Valley Isle. [Disclaimer: The islands will do that to you.] The move came after college when jumbled life plans and the inevitable question of “what next?” dances through mosts graduates, minds. Majoring in photojournalism, Camper’s style works extremely well in Hawaii but stays consistent no matter where she travels. . Organic, youthful and fun are a few obvious adjectives used to describe her free-spirited lifestyle photography.  Below Camper talks more about her style, her inspiration and a few simple words to live by.









all images provided by Ashley Camper

How long have you been into photography?

I’ve always been into art; drawing mostly and started taking more and more photography classes in high school and it stayed a hobby until my second year in college that I realized it could be a career.  I switched my major from Speech Pathology (after being told numerous times I mumble 😉 to Photojournalism and went from there.
Was it a talent that came naturally or did you have to study//work @ it?
I believe the eye for art comes naturally but no matter what your craft I feel you always have to work at it…and improve yourself.  I defiantly had to work at it (and still do)… evolving your work is key.
How would you describe your photos?
It’s hard describing your own work but I’d say organic, fun and in the moment
What supplies you with STOKE?
Shooting for one and seeing a project that I’ve been working on finally come full circle in the camera…when a vision comes to light.
Do you have a favorite theme//genre to shoot?
People.. People doing cool stuff.  I have that documentary background and i feel I still use it in everything I shoot.  I want people to look at one of my photos and say “I want to be there…”
Do you have a favorite shoot/client you’ve worked with?
I’ve been super lucky to have great friends that I’ve collaborated with and that have really helped shape my style..I love all my clients.  One of my favorites is the Life on the Lakes story I did with Jill Livingston for Kinfolk.  There was a lot of planning, prep and coordination that went into it but the day of (at 4 am) everyone was happy to be hanging out and eating great food.  I have a soft spot for lakes and Minnesota.

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