Vance Creek Bridge Closure // RIP #thatnwbridge




Social media blew up this week as Vance Creek Bridge, popularly known as “that NW bridge”, closed after being deemed unfit for public access.  I learned of the closure from the (absurd) amount of Northwest photographers I follow, who all began posting throwback photos and stories of trips to the iconic structure. Soaring 347 feet about a thick forest valley and river in Washington States Olympic Peninsula, it is the second highest railway arch bridge ever built in the US, originally constructed in 1929 for logging purposes. It was eventually abandoned in the 1950’s and now rests on private property…. which didn’t dissuade people from trespassing and hiking the short distance to the breathtaking destination. This was the case for me and my friend Abbie as we left Seattle mid morning a few months back to finally check the hype of the bridge. With easy to grab directions from blogs, we road tripped south for the promise of adventure and heart stopping heights.  We ran into a handful of other day trippers, all of us reaching for our cameras, eyes on the views as much as on our precious footing. With a huge drop off on both sides and large gaps in between each steps, the 800 ft walk on this rickety railroad is no leisurely stroll.  The closure is a bummer for anyone who wasn’t able to experience it’s beauty, but I am deeply grateful we made it in time to spend a warm summer day on that Northwest bridge.



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