What to Do for Itchy Scalp During Pregnancy


During the pregnancy time women undergo several changes in their body and one of the common things is rapid blood supply to the skin. If the blood supply is maximized, that results with itching on skin and it may be in abdomen, legs, and arms, even in scalp. Most itching is a very common experience during pregnancy but when it crosses its limit that would lead to severe itching that may end up in conditional treatment.

Based on the count, about 20% of women suffer with dry scalp and experience itchiness in scalp during their pregnancy time. This made the people to think of a better solution to get rid of scalp itchiness during pregnancy time. Before finding a better solution it is essential to look on to its causes first. By saying this many people would search for factors that cause scalp itchiness. Here your searches end the main cause of scalp itchiness is scalp dryness, many of you can think scalp dryness is a common one but it does not be common during pregnancy time. To make it clear enough here are some of the major reasons for having itchiness in scalp during pregnancy time are listed below.

What to Do for Itchy Scalp During Pregnancy

Causes for scalp itchiness

Most of the pregnant women fail to understand, how they intake foods for two similarly they need to drink for two which is not done by all of them. When women do not drink more water then it would lead to dehydration in the body. This body dehydration results with dryness in the scalp. This the major reason for pregnant women to suffer with itchiness in scalp

Apart from natural causes of scalp itchiness, there are several other reasons also available for scalp itchiness. When women are pregnant they experience huge side effects such as decrease in bowel function, high blood flow in skin, All these makes the women’s skin in availability to flush out the toxin content, this fact makes the body dehydrated even more. All these factors make the body dehydrated to extreme which in turn are reflected as dryness in scalp.

Thus due to all the above mentioned factors women can indicate scalp dryness during their pregnancy time at higher rates.

Why it is essential to have best pregnancy shampoos?

Although, hair dryness is the reason for scalp itchiness, the other major thing is dandruff that causes scalp itchiness for pregnant women’s. Many can wonder how to get rid of scalp itchiness and dryness. Moreover people may be curious about searching for best shampoo for pregnancy as a better solution for scalp itchiness; some people may even be stuck in confusion about what to use to cure scalp itchiness completely. This question may sound difficult but the solution would be so simple, if people search for shampoos especially to cure scalp dryness they would be resulted with plenty of options.

Although there are several dryness free shampoos available in the market not all of them are best to use during the pregnancy time. It is mainly because not all shampoos are natural made there are more chances for having toxic chemicals which may result with harmful side effects to the people. To be on safer side and to avoid side effects, it is better to choose best shampoo products at the time of pregnancy and click here for more information.

List of best shampoos used in during pregnancy time

Whenever, people search for pregnancy shampoos they would be resulted with enormous options with different brand manufactures. But not all shampoos would be suitable during pregnancy time so people should be efficient enough to select bets and suitable shampoo for pregnancy time usage. But it is not an easy task to choose the best shampoo for pregnancy from plenty of options to make it simple and ease your search. Here is the best shampoo products listed below that are best for pregnancy time usage.

  • Not your mother’s baby shampoo beach
  • Klorane Ultra-Gentle Shampoo
  • Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo
  • Paresh Pregna-Halal Shampoo

Not your mother’s baby shampoo beach

This shampoo is a popular brand and loved by most of the people who look for the natural skin, hair products and health body. This product comes with the proven natural ingredients that work well when you apply it on your hair. This shampoo product does not exhibit any side effect and founds suitable one to all skin types.

Klorane Ultra-Gentle Shampoo

It is one of the best performing shampoo for pregnancy users in the market. It is mainly because when it comes to pregnancy users hair shampoo it should not cause any harmful damages for both mother and unborn baby this shampoo satisfy that. Klorane Ultra-Gentle Shampoo considered as the safest shampoo as they are silicons and paraben free.

Whamisa Organic Seeds Hair Shampoo

This shampoo is made of organic ingredients with gentle formula in it that makes them suitable for all types of hairs. As the shampoo is made of natural ingredients like extraction of hordeum vulgare seed and Aloe Mculata leaf and skincare contents it results with high level of scalp nourishment. Its herbal essence removes oil, dirt and dandruff from scalp this enhance the hair to have pleasant look and free from scalp itchiness.

Klorane Shampoo with Peony

It is considered as the best recommended shampoo for pregnant mothers that are fortified with peony. It is highly fame for its ingredient peony which has a property to relief itchiness and scalp irritation on continual usage without any harmful side effects.

Paresh Pregna-Halal Shampoo

This is a certified shampoo with botanical ingredients like extraction of seaweed morning leaf, olive oil, lavender oil, Argania Spinosa kernel oil and broccoli. All these helps to clean your scalp and hair to result with moisturized scalp. It also results with oil free scalp and make them hydrated enough. All these make it as best shampoo for pregnancy time.

By using shampoo for pregnancy you can protect your hair and get rid out of the side effect and harmful effects exhibited by using the shampoo that contains chemicals and toxics.

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