What to Look For in a Silo, Sila, Or Silawrap Silage Wrap

If you’re looking for a silage wrap, you’ve come to the right place. Whether using Volac, Silacord, or Silawrap, you’re about to learn how to use this farming tool. This article will review the benefits of each and what you can expect from them. After reading this, you’ll know what to look for in your next silage wrap. If you haven’t heard of silage wraps before, you’ll be surprised by all the different products.

https://www.netwrap.com.au/silage-wrap-australia/ silage wrapSilacord Silage Wrap

A premium five-layer silage wrap, Silacord is a high-performance co-extruded film that offers excellent puncture resistance. Its superior tear resistance, UV resistance, and high-performance structure make it the ideal solution for both round and square bale wrapping. For added convenience, it is available in black and white, making it perfect for both square and round bales. For even more efficiency, Silacord Silage Wrap is compatible with all types of bale-wrapping machines. Learn more here https://www.netwrap.com.au/silage-wrap-australia/ silage wrap.

Choose the size and shape of your bale when selecting a silage wrap. Its design is built to withstand all weather conditions, making it perfect for use on bales of different sizes and shapes. It comes in two different widths, twenty-and thirty-inches, and several lengths to fit your specific needs. For even more durability, opt for a triple-layer silage wrap, which offers outstanding air and water-tightness. You can easily fit any high-performance bale wrapper into its design.

Volac Silage Wrap

The film is 100 per cent biodegradable and 100 per cent safe for the environment—the Volac team and its advice back it. You can call the Volac Forage Advice Line at 089 919808 to discuss your particular needs. It is easy to wrap bales with Volac Silage Wrap, and you can apply it using standard Topwrap film. But for the best results, use the Topwrap 2000.

Silawrap Silage Wrap

Unlike other silage wraps, Silawrap is made in Ireland from 100 per cent virgin raw materials and is one of the most challenging stretch plastics on the market. This feature allows Silawrap to wrap wider bales than leading brands and provides a superior seal, producing better silage. Silawrap is also manufactured in Ireland, with a factory located in Gorey, Co. Wexford, making it easy to trace the production process back to its initial design.

The first step in wrapping your silage is to set up your wrapper correctly. It is crucial, as incorrect setup could lead to wasted Silawrap and a split bale. Proper setup involves correctly setting the height of the film dispenser and the number of film turns. In addition, the rotary table belts should be tightened to ensure a uniform film application. Proper setup will improve the quality of your hay and may even save you money on film.

Silotite Silage Wrap

The original five-layer stretch film, Silotite, has unmatched strength and elasticity for bale wrapping. Its superior tack and UV stability make it a reliable choice for all wrapping applications. Its double-sided cling ensures a tight seal and prevents tails during wrapping. Silotite’s patented 2-sided tack provides superior protection against sunlight and air. It is available in green, white, black, and 1650m roll lengths. In addition, it comes with UV stabilisation and a minimum order quantity for maximum protection. Learn more here https://www.netwrap.com.au/silage-wrap-australia/ silage wrap.

Silage wraps are also environmentally friendly, reducing the costs associated with weed control. These wraps should be used according to manufacturer instructions and by a professional. The cost of a silage wrap is meager, especially compared to the costs of controlling weeds. Silage wraps can also be applied to various crops, including silage and grain. In addition, silage wraps are highly effective for controlling weeds and improving crop quality.

Unterland FX Silage Wrap

Developed by Coveris, Unterland FX Silage Wrap is the next generation of bale wrap film. It is designed with excellent adhesion properties so that it easily attaches to bales straight from the cutting process. It can be used for both silage and haylage. Its high UV resistance and strong adhesiveness make it ideal for use with all types of wrappers. Here are some benefits of using Unterland FX Silage Wrap: